Vistiny, Inc.

Our program consists of basic education, life skills, vocational training, recreation, socialization and community integration. All components were developed to enable each participant to achieve success in reaching their personal potential. We also offer spiritual development and ministry training programs for those participants who are interested in exploring and/or expanding their spiritual beliefs.

Our basic education classes will be chronologically age-appropriate and useful to the learner. These classes will assist the participants in developing and/or enhancing their academic skills.

Our life skills classes will encourage, nurture and assist the participants in developing, increase and/or maintaining independent living skills including: personal hygiene, meal preparation, household maintenance, money management, health and safety, communication and socialization skills. 

Our vocational training class will encourage and assist the participants in developing job skills. This course consists of employer expectations, interview readiness and job development skills.

The Learning Center will also offer a variety of recreational activities, social functions and community outings. 

Each participant has the opportunity to pick and choose what they want to participate in. They are not required to attend any classes they can enjoy a relaxing day socializing.

There is something for everyone at Vistiny Learning Center!


Special Program for teens who are still in school 

Vistiny understands the need for services during the time when schools are closed. We are extending our services to teenagers in the school system to help cover the gaps during the school calendar. Whether you need after school care on a weekly basis, full days when the school is closed or if you are looking for a program for your child once they graduate from high school, we are here to help. 

We are more than just a day care service. We will work with your child to help them increase their independence, social skills and life skills. 

For more information and/or a tour of our facility, please contact Sami at 407-221-2000. 

Spaces are limited and reservations in the teen program are required.


Respite Services available 

Vistiny is now offering respite services. We are available day or night however, reservations are required. This service is also extended to parents who work swing shift and/or night shift and need somewhere for their child to go. 

Vistiny Learning Center offers a high quality day program at an affordable rate. 


Our program has been designed to help differently abled individuals reach their personal potential, enabling them to lead successful and fulfilling lives.


It does not matter where an individual is intellectually, we will work with each participant where they are and help them grow into the person they were meant to become.

Vistiny Learning Center