Vistiny, Inc.

Vistiny is a 501 C3 ministry dedicated to serving differently abled individuals and their families. Our tax ID number is: 46-0615136. 

Our main focus is on spiritual development and ministry appreciation. We believe that God is calling a new type of soldier into His Army. These soldiers will not only be able to reach God's most precious children, their family members and friends but they will show the world what God can do with a heart willing to serve Him!

Our commitment extends much further than the typical "Special Needs Bible Study". We want to change the way people see and relate to a ministry of differently abled individuals. The Holy Spirit that resides in you and I is the same Holy Spirit that resides in them and He is NOT limited by their different abilities but rather He will enable and empower them to overcome any obstacle that presents itself.

We want to help these individuals discover and explore their spiritual needs and gifts. We will encourage, enable and equip them to attain the full potential of who they are in Y'shua. Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and to fulfill the individual destiny God has created them for.

About Us

    Mission Statement

To help encourage, enable and equip

differently abled individuals to reach their full potential both personally and spiritually allowing them to complete the work that God has created them to do

           Our Goal

To assist differently abled individuals step out of the stereotypical "Special Needs" ministry and step into a ministry of Specially gifted individuals!


How You Can Help Support Us

Our Directors are volunteers and therefore do not receive a salary. We try to make this program all about the individuals we serve. So 100% of all donations go directly to the needs of our individuals. Some of the ways the individuals benefit from donations are:

Scholarships for parents who are struggling financially. At least 35% of our census is on some form of a scholarship. We do not turn anyone away for the inability to pay. 

Meal Program: We provide breakfast, lunch, two snacks and drinks. We also have a meal prep class where we teach the individuals how to cook. We cater to all types of diets including diabetic, gluen free, low sodium and any more. 

Programming Materials: Used to help the individual learn independent living skills, communication skills, vocational skills, ministry training, and so much more. We use elelctronic devices specifically designed are relaxation techniques and reinforcements to help the individuals cope with frustrations. We work on helping each individual meet their personal potential and we will purchase whatever they need that will help them acheive that goal. For instance, adaptive silverware to allow them to eat independently. We never charge the parents for any of the things we purchase for their child. We purchase items for blessing bags that the individual passes out to homeless people. 

Community Outings: We purchase annual passes to SeaWorld, Crayola Experience and other various attractions for those individuals who cannot afford them so they can enjoy the same activities as their peers without putting undo stress on their parents. We go out to eat to various local resturants monthly. We have picnics in the parks. We have summertime excursions including "staycations" at Cocoa Beach which is a weekend trip, a dolphin day cruise, county fair etc. 

Parties and Holiday Celebrations: We celebrate everyone's birthday, special achievment or holiday with a food platter, cake, special decorations, games, presents and a party.

Items we are consistently in need of:                                                                                                             Paper Products; paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper                                                                        Cleaning Supplies: laundry pods, bleach, kitchen & bathroom cleaners                                                    Personal Hygeine Items: body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, wet wipes, 

Larger Items that we need: 

A 15 passenger van for transportation

A refrigerator to store an overflow of food

A sensory room for individuals with Autism and others with similar needs